Nursing RN/ BSN, Southern Illinois University Carbondale
Herscher High School Graduate

Ava, a determined and compassionate aspiring nurse, embodies a profound commitment to her chosen path in the medical field. She aims to finish her nursing degree at SIU Carbondale in four years and hopes to work in a hospital, especially with kids in Pediatrics or Labor and Delivery. Inspired by her family members—both her mother and brother hold BSN degrees—Ava envisions a wide spectrum of possibilities within the nursing profession. 

Attaining top grades at SIU has been a testament to Ava's hard work and commitment - receiveing straight A's in her first year of attendace. The scholarships she received have been a pivotal factor in supporting her financially throughout her academic journey. Both Ava and her mom expressed their deep appreciation for the assistance the scholarships provided, allowing Ava to pursue her education with greater ease and focus.

"These scholarships has truely helped financially," says her mom, Amelia Haase. "She is so thankful and so am I for the scholarships."